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in remembrance of my

beloved cat & buddy


25-04-1997   †  14-06-2014

Behind tears of grief, is a smile of memories

Never a meow, only when she was afraid, for example; when we had to go to the doctor, specially when we did go by ambulance then she was the loudest. but at home, no never a meow, she knew how to say things with only her eyes and with her head. A loud purring lady, always happy, specially if she got the chance to 'talk' to someone on the phone ... it was one of her favourite purrrrrr moments. Lover of water-ice and strawberry yoghurt, lover of flowers, primarily roses, only to smell never eat, she was special ... She kept the things separated ... She had her toys and did never climb in closets or curtains, never a scratch on furniture only on her toys and scratching tools. ..Only one thing, she liked to get a closer look when I had to fix something or when painting a wall, with painting she was loud purring and sitting beside you and observing real close to the work and with repairs she was crazy of small nuts or screws and played with it. She had too one cap of a perfume bottle that she once conquered and it was one of her treasures, hidden under her cushion together with other shiny things mainly screws and nuts. Like every cat she had many naps during the day but for the big sleep she wanted to lie close to me at my left side on the bed with my hand between her paws close to her belly or with her nose in my armpit, at late nights she came to ask, if I worked late in the night on the computer she sat silently behind me ... asking with her sleepy eyes ... Billy ... it is not time yet?      

                                         ... Yes, I do miss her ...