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Christina Jannie Göbel


11-05-1950   †  15-03-2018

Bye dear friend
Together we laughed a lot,
but have also sadness shared.
We could always support each other
Teije, Texel, together sitting at 'het  IJ'...
We were friends forever.
It hurts that you are no longer here,
But I will always remember you,
and I will never forget you.
Your smile, your courage, Your life force
The sky has now a new star,
 a nice one and that's you
Your buddy,  Billy



Back in the 80's when we had a relation, (we stayed good friends after) we both love Heavy Metal
and we did often visit cafe Teije in Amsterdam that every saturday was a Hardrock cafe,
many metal artists did visit it too when they were in the Netherlands for studio-recordings 
And so we did meet Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden,

Tineke was already a fan of Iron Maiden and at the bar she did get their autograph on her
hardrock jack.. wow she was shy and after proud as a little girl, so funny and so sweet

at the bar She stroked with her hand through the long hair of someone while she was talking to me  and said..

"so long..wow", .. the owner of that long hair turned around and she was completely silent ...

"B..Bruce?" she stammered.



In the 90's she attended me to a song called Silent Enigma from another band, Anathema,

back then a Death Metal band, nowadays it is more progresive Rock

we both loved it much, here one of those great songs

A Natural Disaster

Hope you can hear it where you are now dear


Goodbye Dear,  sleep softly
till the day that we will meet again

and please give Onding a cuddle from me